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All too often, people feel technology has moved so fast and they are struggling to keep up; well here at Approachable Technology we want to change that. We want to help those who feel a little left behind to catch up or at least understand what is going on.

The topics below are just some of the areas that we can provide assistance through explanation (what it is and how it is used) and demonstration:

  • Satellite navigation
  • Mobile phones
  • Digital cameras
  • CDs, DVDs, MP3s, PVRs
  • Digital TV, High definition TV, 4K, Ultra HD
  • iPads, iPods, tablets, Kindles
  • Email / the internet
  • Setting up a website

We can give presentations, training sessions, 1-1 coaching, practical demonstrations, as well as writing any software for you or creating a website, without the jargon and the sometimes patronising approaches others may take.

Contact us if a topic you are interested in is not on the list as we may be able to support you anyway.

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